Partner Tabatas – New Killer Boot Camp Workout!

Sunday food for thought :-)

This Killer Boot Camp Workout will both kick their butts AND be great for team building!

We did this boot camp workout in our camps last week and it was AWESOME.  If you like it, be sure to check out our Advanced Boot Camp Workouts! <—

Partner Tabata Boot Camp Workout:

Warm up (5-10 minutes)

As a Group: Partner your campers for the following Tabata exercises. Have one partner do the one exercise for 2

0 seconds while the other partner performs the other exercise during the same 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds and have them switch exercises. After they complete 4 minutes (8 sets total) have them rest for 1-2 minutes and move to the next pair of Tabata exercises.  This will take the entire workout.

Example: The two Tabata Exercises are: Box Jumps vs. Skull Crushers

20 sec:  Partner #1: Box Jumps & Partner #2: Skull Crushers,  10 sec both rest/transition,  20 sec Partner #1: Skull Crushers & Partner #2: Box Jumps, 10 sec both rest/transition…. Repeat for 4 min total (8 sets) and then take 1-2 min rest before moving on to the next pair of exercises.  (they each should perform 4 sets Box Jump and 4 sets Skull Crushers)

Set #1: Box Jumps vs. Skull Crushers

Set #2: Split Squats (right foot on the bench the whole set) vs. Jump Squats

Set #3: Step-ups with Lateral Leg Raise (right foot on the bench the whole set) vs. Floor Jacks

Set #4: Bent-over Rows vs. Burpees

Set #5: Split Squats (left foot on the bench the whole set) vs. Jump Squats

Set #6: Step-ups with Lateral Leg Raise (left foot on the bench the whole set) vs. Floor Jacks

Set #7: Alternating Knee Lifts with Overhead Press vs. Bench Dips

Set #8: Plank vs. Cross-Over Mountain Climbers

Finisher: All together as a group- 20 sec Butt Kicks with 10 Rest (for 2 minutes or 4 sets)

Cool Down & Stretch (5-10 minutes)

Hope you enjoy the workout!

Don’t forget to check out our Advanced Boot Camp Workouts where you will find more boot camp challenges and workouts like this one.

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  • Helen Gacio

    Reply Reply March 25, 2012

    Really Great intense workout!

  • Bo Crosby

    Reply Reply March 25, 2012

    These aren’t Tabatas … one 4 minute Tabata is a workout in itself. This popular protocol is currently the most bastardized and mis-understood training approach in the commercial fitness industry. You’ll never find more than a single Tabata in a professionally prepared workout for a professional athlete or any serious athlete for that matter. A genuine Tabata is a maximal effort over 4 minutes of one or two different exercises tops … not a crawl through multiple less intense bouts. Intensity and length of workout are negatively correlated. The original research was done using one exercise for a single 4 minute bout. Repeat Tabatas …? That is diametrically opposed to the spirit and original design. Tabata means 4 minutes folks … anything else is someone else’s interpretation!

    • Alicia

      Reply Reply March 26, 2012

      Hi Bo- We appreciate your comment! We completely agree- but since were not all coaching Olympic athletes, and professional athletes, we modify the intensity levels for our campers.

      We don’t expect our clients to work at maximal intensity- simply because it is not congruent with most of their goals. In addition, you’ll see that some of the exercises we included in the workout (for example plank, and some of the strength exercises) are impossible to get the intensity level up to reach a true “tabata” protocol. Our goal is to make it fun, change it up for our campers regularly, and make sure that they are working hard to get great results. These workouts accomplish that- which is our goal for our campers and clients.

      Our workouts can always be used as-is or customized by trainers to make it a better fit for their needs. Any good trainer should be able to modify these workouts we post based on the abilities of their own boot campers. A & C

  • Tim Penner

    Reply Reply March 25, 2012

    Bob is correct. I hope that the boot camp girls, as professionals, will change at least the name of this workout. It’s simply unprofessional and inaccurate. If you study the Tabata protocol, you’ll discover that doing more than one “Tabata” in a day (much less a workout) is just using the 20 seconds on and 10 second rest/transition format and marketing it with the Tabata name. When I train clients with what I call the Tabata STYLE workout, it’s never truly a “Tabata” – and I let them know why and what they can expect to get from their efforts. There are very specific protocols used to produce the results that Izumi Tabata researched – including reaching 170% of the person’s VO2 max within the first 3 to 4 sets. That’s 90 – 120 seconds! Very few people have the mental tenacity to reach 170% of their VO2 max at ANY time AND continue for another 2 to 2.5 minutes. Doing this suggested workout for the 9 sets will NOT achieve the results/adaptations that were proven by Tabata. They will just, “kick their butts…” and leave your clients believing that they can do 8 sets more than Olympic speed skaters.
    I think there’s a chance to “make lemonade” out of this situation though – let’s find a new name for this type (20/10) of workout (with dynamic marketing appeal of course) that links it to Tabata without implying that it IS a Tabata workout. Any suggestions?

    • Alicia

      Reply Reply March 26, 2012

      Hey Tim- We appreciate your comments as well- however as we explained to Bo, we are not all training Olympic and pro athletes in our camp. If you are, you wouldn’t be using these workouts. If you want to do a true “Tabata” with your clients, then go for it. I don’t think that any of our clients leave the workout feeling like they could do more 8 sets than an Olympic speed skater. If you like the workout and want to use it- feel free to name it anything you want.

  • Jo Butler

    Reply Reply March 29, 2012

    I also agree with the true definition of a tabata workout as mentioned above. But does it really matter what you call it? The workout is guaranteed to produce lots of lactic acid and I’m sure any good trainer would modify the drills to suit the particular participants. Perhaps some clients would not be up to split squats and jump squats, but some would and would find it a great challenge.

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