4 Pillars to Building Your Boot Camp Culture (Guest Post)

Hey everyone it’s Brian “the high energy guy” Kalakay from Boot Camp Games and today I have something really special for you…

People are always asking me what I do different in my boot camp to keep my members so addicted to it and to keep my attrition rates so low (under 2%).

Sometimes for fun I tell these people that I pay my members to show up and have the trainers train shirtless…that of course is a good hard joke ;)

In hindsight, I bet you some people probably thought I was serious…oops…

I digress…

Today, I am going to reveal the 4 pillars of Boot Camp Culture.

These are the four things that you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE in your boot camp programs if you want to create a loyal tribe of members who stay, pay and refer their peers.

I spent about a year figuring out what really makes a memorable experience, what keeps people coming back to do something they may not like doing (aka exercise) and what makes your business go “viral” with your members…

To achieve this, I dissected about ten companies, some of which were Mac, Starbucks, Zappos, and Team. Every one of those companies had different pieces to take away and apply.

So what I did after all of this research and testing was create a simplified version that could be applied to your boot camp business.

Use these four pillars to start building your loyal tribe of followers and to slowly construct your fitness empire.

4 Pillars to Building Your Boot Camp Culture

1. Follow Up

This is one of the most important ones, hence the reason why it is #1.

Here is what it comes down to: if you want people to stay and enjoy themselves they need to be plugged into your “matrix” <= yes that is a movie reference for all of you Matrix Nerds like me ;)

You need to be checking in with ALL of your members weekly or at minimum monthly. This will keep them plugged into your business and make them feel like you are really focused on them on an individual level.

All people want is a little of your attention. They want to feel like they matter. So by following up with an email, phone call, text, etcetera, you are putting forth an effort to stay in touch with everyone and help them with their individual goals.

Even just doing a monthly 10 minute follow up meeting with each member will help them stay on track, achieve their goals and keep them plugged into your matrix.

That, my friend, is something that NO other local gym will do.

2. Accountability

There are many ways to achieve this accountability. One of the best ways is to have your clients weight in weekly and take their measurements.

We use software to track our clients progress and to keep everyone on pace to hitting your goals. However, you can even be old fashioned about this as just have them track on a sheet of paper that is stored in one of those suitcase filling bins that can be taken anywhere.

Whatever you method, make sure to do these weekly weight-ins every week with your members.

The other way to keep them accountable is to have an attendance tracking system and make sure you call the people who haven’t checked-in in the past seven days.

Just a simple two minute phone call at the end of the week to someone who hasn’t been in will increase your retention rate and keep the members accountable. This also prevents people from slowly weaning away from your training.

3.  Results

Bottom line, people are training with you to get results. If they wanted social hour, they would be at a bar.

Don’t get me wrong, you definitely want to be a social business, but the biggest factor in the success of your fitness tribe is to get them results.

Make sure every time someone hits their goal for the month you are showcasing that person to everyone in your community (online & offline). When someone loses a large amount of fat, you need to be doing an interview with them and making them the local “biggest loser” celebrity.

When people see all of these other members getting results, it helps keep the fire burning and helps keep them all motivated to keep training with you.

4. Experience

There is a famous quote by Maya Angelou,

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

So you need to ask yourself, “If I took away all of my crazy exercises and workouts, why would someone want to train with me?”

The answer to this question is usually, “I make them feel amazing.”

So how do you create an experience that will be memorable and make people feel amazing?

You have to think outside of the box for this one…

There are a few things I will recommend to you that I have personally used to accomplish this:

  1. Monthly Events – Every month you should pick a day and do something cool and random like charity boot camps, boot camps with a live Deejay, 80’s workouts, etc. Keep it fun and fresh.
  2. Theme Days – On a particular day you do themed workouts all day long. Examples include: crazy socks day, afro day, pirate day, 70’s day, etc.
  3. Fitness Games – We play these games at the end of our boot camp sessions and our clients are absolutely addicted to them!

The cool part about boot camp games is that they plug and play at the end of ANY boot camp session and take up only 3 minutes of your session TOPS.

The games get the members laughing and end your session on a high note. This makes it the perfect ingredient for creating culture in your business.

For more info about boot camp games, make sure to click on the image below…


I hope you use these four pillars to start building your loyal following of boot camp members today.

Remember empires take time to build…these four pillars are not get rich quick tactics, however, over time they will help build your indestructible client following and keep people from walking in the front door and out of the back.

It’s seven times more expensive to get new clients than it is to retain the ones you already have. Use these four pillars to help you accomplish that.

Before I go I want to leave you with a BONUS VIDEO: 3 Secrets to Building Boot Camp Culture

These are another three things you can add to your list to help create boot camp loyalty and culture.

Enjoy :-)

2014 Calendar Checklist for Your Fitness Business

We hope your 2014 is off to a great start!

iStock_000029370980XSmallHopefully you are rocking and rolling with new clients, your New Year Challenge, and you’re excited about the year ahead!

It’s REALLY easy this time of year to be overwhelmed with everything you have to do if you’re not organized.

If you don’t have a plan, it all seems like a mountain of stress and you don’t know where to start.

We always put together our year-long calendar to guide us through our challenges and transformations, blog and email themes, marketing calendar, etc so we can strategically accomplish our tasks AND get them done ahead of time.

Here’s EXACTLY What to do:

(BEFORE you start these steps, it’s critically important that you first have clarity on the outcome of what you want to happen this year.  Make sure you have created specific goals for your fitness business and know what you want it to look like by December 31st, 2014.  Once you are clear on your goals, you can complete the following :-))

1.  Create a Google Spreadsheet or Excel doc and list out all of the months in the top row.

2.  In the columns on the left, you will label the key aspect of your business that need your focus, attention, and pre-planning for each month:

  • Theme for the month: (what is your focus each month: mobility, nutrition, mindset, etc.  be as specific as possible.)
  • Transformations/Challenge:  Are you planning to run any challenges or transformations this month?  Getting the materials completed ahead of time is a HUGE stress-reliever.
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Training / Programming 
  • Content Calendar for your Blog: Sit down and schedule out what days you will be posting on your blog and the topic of each post.  Never sit down in the morning and try to figure out what to write for the day. Always plan this out!
  • Email Calendar: you don’t have to write out all of your emails, but at least chart out the days you want to send the email and the topic of the email.  Don’t forget to include anything you’re promoting like challenges or contests, events, supplements, etc.
  • Networking: what 2-4 networking events will you be attending each month?
  • Charity/Giving Back: at least once a quarter we have some kind of community charity event.  This is part of our mission and is very important to our businesses.  We always recommend adding this on if you don’t already do it! (Charity camps, volunteering as a group, etc.)
  • Social Media Strategy: Will you be running FB ads?  How will you be posting on your fan page?
  • Marketing Calendar: What are you doing to get your leads each month and from what sources.  Be as SPECIFIC as you can.  (referrals, daily deals, workshops, webinars, mailers, ads, articles, etc.)
  • Client Retention: What EVERY month are you doing to over-deliver to your clients?  Schedule your socials, surveys, etc.  in this category and anything else you plan to do to keep your retention rates high.
  • Staff Development:  What are you doing each month to create a solid team and make your staff feel valued and appreciated?
  • Add Value / Upsells:  What is your focus of the month to upsell so you can add value to your clients and enhance their results?  Is it foam rollers? Supplements? etc.

Sit down for 1 hour and get this done.

You’ll feel a HUGE relief and you’ll have your plan for the ENTIRE year.

Once you’ve charted it out, you can break your tasks into quarters and then into months so you can tackle your tasks ahead of time.

Remember your calendar is not set in stone, but it will give you a solid framework to build on.

We hope this helps you to get organized  for your year ahead.

If you need help putting together your 2014 calendar for your business, you can set up a coaching call with us…just fill out the coaching application for a call (Click HERE)

Here’s the Goal Doc that We Use!

We hope you’re having a great week!

We are heavily focused on goal setting and then provide the follow up and accountability to help our clients and campers to reach the goals they set for themselves.

Each and every month (about 4-5 days before the end of every month), we send out this EXACT goal setting doc and encourage our clients to fill this out.

We then schedule a coaching call with our goal coach and we help them to develop a plan of action to help them to reach these goals.

We thought we’d share it with you to help save you a little work since this time of year can be a little hectic.

We hope you like it!  (Click the link below to download the .doc)

Click HERE for the .Doc!

BCG Goal Sheet

It’s Finally Here!

We’ve been perfecting this product for over a YEAR, and are now finally ready to share it with you!

done-for-youWe use this in our own boot camps to save us a ton of time, energy, and money. 

This product will make it effortless for you to keep your clients engaged, help to build relationships, and drive up your retention rates.

There is NOTHING like this on the market. 

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We all spend money on new leads and spend time on our sales, which is important.  But it’s even MORE important to take care of the clients you HAVE.

This product will do that for you…and all you have to do is copy and paste.

We’ve created 52 weeks of Done-For-You content that you can use on your Private Facebook Page. 

You HAVE to check this out. 

We even give you a FREE week at the bottom of THIS PAGE <—-.

Here’s our NEW Done-For-YOU Facebook Private Page System:

  • “Challenge Monday” – 52 weeks of Plug-n-play weekly challenges to keep your clients engaged, focused, & challenged.
  • Inspiration Tuesday:  52 inspirational graphics and quotes to use to motivate and empower your community.
  • What’s Cookin’ Wednesday is 52 Done-for-you healthy recipes for you to just copy and paste into your private group every Wednesday.  It’s filled with easy-to-make, delicious recipes that range from breakfast, smoothies, lunch, salads, soups, sides, dinner, and healthy and clean desserts.
  • Fit Tip Thursday: Quick & Easy tips for you to copy and paste every Thursday.  This will help inspire your clients and keep them on track with their goals.
  • Weekend Warrior Fridays We have completed 52 weeks of “Weekend Warrior” workouts that are 100% done for you!  Just copy and paste them into your Facebook group and challenge your campers to complete them over the weekend.

You don’t want to miss our Early Bird Specials & Bonuses!

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Are you Maximizing the Potential of this FREE Tool!?

The other day, I logged into our Facebook Private page that we have set up for our members-only.  

facebookyouredoingitwrongI was BLOWN away by some of the posts in there and all of the conversations and info that was being shared in there.

There were conversations about nutrition, goal setting, their struggles, accomplishments, and people asking for extra accountability.

One woman just posted how she ran her first 5k over the weekend and another posted a picture of her daughter doing a burpee in the living room. 

IT. WAS. AWESOME.  (and still is!)

Our off-line boot camp community is now fully engaged online & THRIVING on our Facebook Members-Only Page. 

HOWEVER…it wasn’t always like this.

We would post from time to time, and we’d occasionally get some engagement.  There wasn’t that much excitement or fun on our page, and it almost seemed like a wasted effort and just one more thing to add to my “TO-DO” list.

It wasn’t until we started posting DAILY that things began to change.  And- it wasn’t only posting daily that made the difference, it was posting the RIGHT kind of questions and content on there that made it work so well.

Every day (Mon – Fri) we put out a thoughtful piece of content to inspire, educate, motivate, or challenge our members.

We wanted to share some of the strategies that work so well for us with YOU!

Here are a few of the things that we do to help you get your creative juices flowing so you can turn YOUR facebook private page into a Client Retention MACHINE also!

  • fb-960x300Give your clients a weekly or monthly challenges
  • Ask your clients to post their weekly or monthly goals (sharing them with the group will hold them accountable!)
  • Weekly Fitness Tips
  • Shout-Outs (Congrats on a goal accomplished, birthdays, MIA’s etc.)
  • Weekly inspirational videos, pics, and quotes
  • Share some personal info with them to make them feel closer to your team
  • Healthy recipes each week
  • Private workouts that just your clients and campers have access to
  • and the list goes on and on!

Taking the time to put in this extra effort will truly show your clients how much you CARE about them.

It will also further separate you as a leader and an expert in the field.

Not only that, but you’ll have so much conversation going on in your private group, that people feel even MORE connected.  Feeling connected is one of the BIGGEST reasons that people stay in our programs. 

They have the support of other campers and clients and know that the Facebook Page is their “safe-zone” to post struggles and challenges they may be having.

Next Step:

1.  If you DON’T already have a private Facebook page….get one started TODAY.


2.  If you DO already have a Facebook page, are you really MAXIMIZING the potential impact it could have on your clients?  Take some time really start utilizing the above list to grow and strengthen your community!

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think! :-) 

One of the EASIEST Strategies to Build a Strong Community!

handsIf you want to increase your retention rates in your fitness business you NEED to build a STRONG in-house community.

Doing this the EASIEST way to compete against your big commercial gyms.

When you walk into a commercial gym, you hand them your key fob and they give it back to you.  They usually don’t even look at YOU! Plus, at that point you’re on your OWN!

Price is the main reason they go to gyms that give that level of service. But, how successful do you think your prospects and clients would be on their own?

Only a VERY small percentage of people have the discipline to attain results with this approach.

We have the opportunity to build something unique and different. We interact with our clients daily and know their names and goals. Huge difference!

We just interviewed 3 of our clients this past weekend.  We asked them the key factors to their success and every one of them said… “having a community of like-minded people to do it with.”

There is serious POWER in developing a “strong community” and one of #1 ways we have built ours is through our Private Facebook Page.

Why do you think membership sites have forums? It’s a place people can go and vent, share, give advice, receive advice, feel safe among their friends, and just plain not be alone!

If you currently do not have a Private (Member’s only) Facebook Page start one TODAY!

Here are some ideas to get you started and get your clients using it…

  • Post a Motivational Image
  • Post a Healthy Tip
  • Post a Challenge
  • Post a Recipe
  • Post Pictures of In-house Events you have
  • Post a Weekend Warrior Workout
  • Post your upcoming Workshops and Events

Once you starting posting they will follow.  If not, here are a few ideas to help …

  • Ask them to share a picture of what they ate today
  • Ask them to share a picture of them at a race
  • Ask them to share their biggest challenge this week
  • Ask them to share their WIN of the week
  • Ask them their opinion on a topic (they love to be heard)

We have seen so many friendships develop through interacting on our Private Facebook Page (Especially useful when you have more than one location).

Start yours today OR be sure you are using the one you have to your advantage.  NO ONE wants to be the one to leave the group!

Use “simple strategies” such as this and you will build a STRONG community in no time!

We’d love to know what you think about building your facebook Private Page!  Please leave a comment below!

Your 2014 Program Offerings Checklist

***Don’t miss your opportunity to join us for our 2-day INTENSIVE Workshop Nov 15th & 16th. We will sit down with you and help you MAP OUT your DOMINATION Plan for 2014. Click HERE to Apply NOW!

We are one week in to our “Fall Into Fitness” Transformation Challenge, and yesterday I sent out an email to the participants.  It said:

“Take about 5 minutes of your day to assess and reflect on how you did last week.  What have you learned, how have you implemented new changes into your lifestyle, and have you accomplished the 1-week goals you’ve set for yourself?

Did it go the way you planned??  AWESOME!  Keep doing what you’re doing. Continue to focus on the reasons WHY you started this challenge, and continue to focus on the behavior change, planning, and prepping for the week ahead.

OR…Did you slip back into some old habits?  If so, what specifically happened that caused you to shift off course?  Focus on what you can do DIFFERENTLY this week that will give you a different outcome.”

We can relate pretty much everything we tell our clients back to the way we run our businesses.

Reflect for a few minutes on what you have done in 2013 and answer the questions above.  How are you going to dominate 2014?!  It all starts by having a SOLID FOUNDATION in your business.


Let’s get this all dialed in your business BEFORE 2014 so you can BLOW IT UP next year!!

(btw- A couple of days ago, we shared a beast of a post about your 2014 Systems Checklist that will help you to systematize and automate tasks in your business.  If you haven’t checked that out, you don’t want to miss it.)

OK, Let’s get started….

1.  Your Low-Barrier of Entry / Front-End Offer:  Your enticing, can’t-say-no-to-this offer to get your prospects through the door.

Examples of LBE/FEO’s: 21-Day Belly Blast, Groupons, Free Consultations, $5 for 5 Day Trial, Free Trials, Free Goal Setting Sessions, Transformation Challenges & Contests, Workshops, etc.

Your LBE/FEO Offerings Checklist:

  • Ask Yourself: What can you offer your prospects and niche market that they will NOT be able to say no to?  What do they NEED?
  • If you’re not sure, survey your prospects and niche market to find out what their REAL problems are and create your LBE/FEO to be their solution.
  • Offer it at a price where they can’t say no…but DON’T allow your programs or services to be taken advantage of. (Remember you still want to make sure you are bringing in qualified leads and people who can afford your services.)
  • Establish a sales funnel to shift people from the LBE/FEO to your Core Programs.
  • Over-Deliver like crazy!

2.  Your CORE Program(s):  What is the true CORE offering of your business.  For us, it’s our boot camps.  For you, it may be small group and personal training.  This is the axis where your business spins from.  Your Low-Barrier Entry/Front End offers usually end up here.

Examples of Core Programs: Your Boot Camp Packages, Personal Training Packages, Small Group Training, Nutritional Coaching, etc.

Your Core Offerings Checklist:

  • Ask Yourself: Am I truly offering my NICHE Market the solution to what they are really looking for?
  • If you’re not sure, survey your clients and prospects to find out what their REAL problems are and create your core program to be their solution.
  • Determine your pricing and packaging strategy.  What are you WORTH?  Don’t settle- you have worked HARD to get where you are and you provide people the ability to change their LIFE.
  • Fine-Tune your offer and your sales strategy.
  • Make sure you have EFT in place (automatic monthly payments) – you are NOT a bill collector!
  • Build in retention strategies and the WOW factor, and over-deliver like crazy.

3.  Back-End Products & Services:  What are the “Back-End” products and services that you offer to your clients to build value and help them to get better results?  You should be offering at LEAST 3-5 Back-End products or services to your clients on a regular basis.

Examples of Back-End Offers: Supplements, Workshops, Seminars, Nutritional Coaching, Transformation Challenges & Contests, Fitness Equipment, Done-for-you Meal Services, Apparel, etc.

Here’s your Back-End Offerings Checklist:

  • Ask yourself: What kinds of products and services are your clients ALREADY buying that you can educate them about and offer them a better alternative?  How can I enhance their results?  How can I add VALUE to their program and life?
  • List out 10 Back-End products or services that you want to offer to your clients.
  • Research these 10 options and see which would have the most benefit to your clients AND to your business.
  • Pick your TOP 5, and over the next 5 months, plan to add in 1 NEW Back-End product or service to your clients per month.
  • Decide how you are going to introduce and educate your new offering to your clients, and how you are going to SYSTEMATIZE the process.   (For Example: Supplements:  Do you do an orientation with all new clients and share how important nutrition and supplementation is with them?  Are you giving them samples?  Are you incorporating these supplements into your meal plans for your challenges and transformation challenges?  Are you holding workshops that inform and educate your clients about nutrition?)
  • Create your system, and IMPLEMENT!

4.  Your Premium / High-End Services:  You already HAVE clients who will spend more money with you and love everything you do.  Funneling people from your group classes to your small group to your PT or platinum coaching program will give your clients the ability to get more personal attention and give them even better results.

Examples of High-End Offers: Fitness Retreats, Specialized Classes, Platinum PT Packages, Personal Lifestyle Coaching, etc.

Your High-End Offerings Checklist:

  • Ask yourself: What kinds of PREMIUM high-end services can I offer my clients?
  • List out 3-5 Premium Programs or Services that you can offer to your current clients.
  • Survey them and find out which ones they are most interested.
  • Start by offering ONE high-end program or service to your clients.
  • Over-deliver like CRAZY!

BCG TIP: Again, take ONE thing at a time.  See it through to completion…and then tackle another.  Work from top to bottom on this page.  

We hope that this lists truly helps you develop better a better foundation in your business!

If you want help defining and coming up with a plan for implementation of your core programs, low-barrier of entry services, high-end services, and your back-end offers, don’t miss our 2-Day INTENSIVE Workshop November 15th & 16th. (We only have 12 total spots available) Click HERE to Apply NOW!

Your 2014 Systems Checklist for your fitness business

***Don’t miss your opportunity to join us for our 2-day INTENSIVE Workshop Nov 15th & 16th. We will sit down with you and help you to PLAN OUR your strategy and systems for 2014. Click HERE to Apply NOW!

As fitness pro’s, we’re all familiar with this picture and use it with our clients to show them how important it is to maintain a healthy diet.


Well the “systems” in our businesses work the exact same way.

Without systems, prospects fall through the cracks, clients who fall off the wagon go unnoticed, and you end up running your business by the seat of your pants because it feels like you are never able to catch up, let alone get ahead.

We’ve been there- we understand. This January will mark both of our 5-years of owning our fitness boot camps- and we would never be where we are today without having critical “systems” set-up.

We’ve gradually built them into our business and have fine-tuned them over the years. Because of it, our retention is at an all time high, our staff members are organized and well trained, and our businesses do not “need” us to be there to make it through the day.

Granted- we LOVE our clients and still teach because we really enjoy it!!

A “system” for your biz is just a fancy way of saying “the process YOU use to get something done.” It’s a model- something concrete and measurable, and they will vary from business to business.

Best way to get started with a system? Start writing EVERYTHING you do down for a particular topic. And then go from there. It’s that simple!

The Most Important Systems in Your Fitness Business:

1. Lead Generation System: What’s your specific strategy for marketing and generating new leads?

  • What exact things do you have to do every month to generate leads? (internal & external)
  • How many new leads do you want to get? (work backwards from there)
  • Have a checks and balances system so you have a method of tracking and measuring everything so you know what is most effective and where you should be spending your time, money, and energy.

2. Prospect Follow-Up & Sales Funnel / System: what exact process does your business go through with each prospect to convert them to a client?

  • What happens on day one, day three, day five, day seven, and so on?
  • What happens if they don’t call you back? What happens if they schedule a consult? etc.
  • Create a time table for your phone calls and emails
  • What is your exact sales process once you are in front of your prospect?
  • Create scripts for each of the steps you create
  • Assign specific tasks to specific staff members
  • Track and measure everything. (Just because you have a system, doesn’t mean it’s getting done! Make sure you have a checks and balances protocol in place.)

3. New Client System: what exact process do you want to take each and every new client through.

  • What happens on day one, day three, day seven, day 14, day 21, day 30 and so on?
  • Create a time table for your phone calls, emails, welcome packages, orientation, etc.
  • Create scripts for each of the steps you create
  • Assign specific tasks to specific staff members
  • Track and measure!

4. Client Retention System: What steps do you take with each client to make sure you’re delivering results, creating that “WOW” factor, and developing a sense of community?

  • How do you track your clients measurements, food journals, class attendance?
  • What do you do each month to over-deliver?
  • What do you do each month to tighten your sense of community?
  • How are you tracking their payments- and what system do you have in place for failed auto-pays? (This could be a topic on it’s own!)
  • What is your process if a member leaves your program?
  • Assign specific tasks to specific staff members
  • Create a monthly calendar so you can track, follow-through, and measure everything

Other Systems to Implement in your Business:

1. Transformation Contests & Challenges System: Organize your year in advance to know EXACTLY when you are going to be running your transformation contests and challenges.

  • Create a calendar for your year and know exactly when and for how long each challenge will last for.
  • Know the themes and what you will include with each challenge (or at least have an idea)
  • Know your marketing strategy and plan how far out in advance you need to start implementing your marketing (this should coincide with your content calendar below!)
  • Track and measure everything!

2. Event System: Track and Assess every single event your company puts on. Whether it’s a workshop, seminar, social, charity event, or anything else.

  • You want to keep track of your “PROCESS” and if the event was successful or not. This way, you can easily make a decision if you want to repeat this event and know if you want to make and changes and improve it for the next time.
  • Know & Track Details: Who your contacts are, your marketing strategy, your follow-up strategy, how much you spent, how much you made, what kind of staffing you needed, etc.

3. Content Delivery System: How often are you emailing / blogging / getting in front of people to prove that you are THE expert to maintain and ongoing relationship and have front-of-mind awareness?

  • Pre-plan your “themes” each month and organize what kinds of information you want to deliver.
  • Organize your delivery method: video blogging, writing a blog post, writing emails, speaking, etc.
  • Create a Content Calendar for the each month and ideally the year.
  • Create tasks and outsource or delegate tasks
  • Make sure you have accountability to get it all done.

4. Upsells & Back End: What process do you have to create more value and add additional streams of income to your business?

  • Decide what additional products and services you can offer your clients to enhance their experience and results: Meal Plans, supplements, foam rollers, food services, coaching, etc.
  • Create a process to introduce these things to your clients systematically
  • Track and measure

When we first started implementing systems into our businesses, it seemed there was SO much to get done and it was very overwhelming.

Don’t let it overwhelm you. Let this list EMPOWER you because now you have a basic shell to start working from!

Be patient, take it slow, and complete one system at a time. MAKE SURE you complete one system before moving on to the next…as entrepreneurs, we tend to work on 8 things at once. This is not effective.

BCG TIP: Most important thing you can do is just take one at a time. Even if you created ONE new system a month, in one year you will have a well-oiled fitness business MACHINE.

We hope that this lists truly helps you develop better systems in your business.

If you want help setting up your systems and getting your business organized for 2014, don’t miss our 2-Day INTENSIVE Workshop November 15th & 16th. (We only have 12 total spots available) Click HERE to Apply NOW!

What Business are you in? (Guest Post by Jeff Sherman)

What Business are you in?

We are all in the fitness business right? What exactly does that mean? To a lot of people they believe that means they are selling the workout. I hear a lot of people talk about how great their workout is and how their workouts are so hard and so on…

If you are promoting your business this way or are focusing on selling your workouts it is going to make your business a lot harder to grow and sustain. You will also be compared to every other fitness program out there, including the free ones at your local big box gym.

What you want to do is sell results. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says they want to be sold a workout (ok, maybe a few do, like one or two), but what most people want is a specific result. They could really care less about the workout as long as they get the result they want.

You want to be known for getting a specific result for people. Whether that is fat loss, strength training or speed training, it doesn’t matter as long as you are known for something. You might as well choose the one you enjoy the most that way you don’t get bored of it after a few years.

The way you do that is by producing those results, over and over and over again. You do that by creating a system that gets your clients to take their goals more seriously, hold them accountable and creates a community of like-minded people.

If you are only getting a small percentage of your clients results it’s not going to work very well or if you are still using the same 3 testimonials you did 3 years ago you are probably in big trouble.

In my business I am known for helping people lose fat and keep it off.  I don’t care about performance or even strength. I do have people that lose the fat and then go on to want to improve their performance and strength and that’s ok. I just refer them to the right person.

In my gym I have over 50 different testimonials and before and after pictures and we pump out new ones every week. This keeps everyone motivated and the momentum just keeps on going.

I am always asked how I do it and how I make it look so easy. First of all, I make it part of doing business with me. When a new client comes in and sees all the before and after pictures the first thing they do is pick out the one they want to look like and say “I want to look like that!”. I say great, I can’t wait for you to be my next success story.

I then introduce them to that person in my program. They are instantly sold. I see a lot of people with before and after pictures of people that either have never been in their program or aren’t in their program anymore. It’s a lot more effective if the people on the wall are working out right next to them.

The other thing I am asked is with having over 250 members how to we get so many people to comply and how do we hold them accountable?

First of all we sit down with each client and go over their goals and have them pick a deadline to reach that goal. We offer unlimited follow up nutrition consultations. We also have them weigh in and take their body fat measurements on a weekly basis.

This is all done easily by using the Fit Clients Software Program. If a client misses a weigh in the software will automatically email them for us. The client feels like we are following up with them and know that they aren’t doing what they are supposed to.

The software will also send me a weekly report letting me know exactly which clients missed their weigh in, which ones weighed in but didn’t get a good result and which ones weighed in and are on pace to reach their goal.

This saves us hours of having to go through each clients profile one by one. The software will follow up by email for us to each member. We will call each member that weighed in but didn’t’ get a good result and schedule a follow up nutrition consultation.

In order for them to get a free nutrition consultation they must log their meals for at least three days so we can go over it line by line. We then suggest supplements to fill in the gaps in their diet and help them stay on track.

We sell both Pro Grade and Bio Trust supplements to our clients. It’s a great revenue stream for us. We are currently bringing in between $2,000 and $3,000 per month from it. It also helps our clients get better results.

We also run 6-week transformation contests a few times year. This is a great way to get new clients and referrals and also motivates your old clients. We require them to send in weekly pictures along with their weight and body fat measurements.

This is how we get most of our testimonials and before and after pictures. And the Fit Client Software program makes it easy to collect the pictures, make the before and after’s and post them to either Facebook or our website.

This is the primary way we market our fitness business. This makes the infrastructure of your business solid and will make any other marketing effort ten times more effective.

If you focus on getting your current clients the results they want you will never have to ask for a referral, it will be automatic. Keep building your community of like-minded people and you will have a solid and stable business for years to come.

And remember… Results + Referrals = Revenue. This is by far the best and most sustainable marketing plan out there.  Stay focused on getting your clients results and the rest will take care of itself.

To learn more about the Fit Client Software Program, CLICK HERE!

Swipe this Team Boot Camp Challenge Workout!

It’s always fun to have people work together as a team during class.  It builds relationships, makes the workouts more fun, and people tend to push harder when their team is depending on them.

Here’s a really FUN Team Challenge that you can run with your group- it’s perfect for a Saturday workout! 

teamwork-funny-video_4694280023180533Team Boot Camp Workout:

Warm Up: dynamic stretch & mobility

Groups of 3: The reps are divided among the team members.

This will be performed in order by the group.

  • 300 Weighted Squats (watch for full range)
  • 300 High Knees (1-1)
  • 300 Bicycle Crunches (full leg extension)
  • 1/4 mile run (as a group)
  • 225 Renegade Rows (or regular rows as mod) (1-2 count)
  • 225 Grapevine (1-1 count)
  • 225 Walking Lunges (1-2 count)
  • 1/4 mile run
  • 150 Burpee to Box Jump!
  • 150 Push-Ups
  • 150 Weighted Hip Bridges (place weight on hips)
  • 1/4 mile
  • 75 Side Plank (bring knee in) to V-Jump to other side plank (bring knee in) (25 v-jumps total per person)
  • 75 V-Up or Modified V-Up
  • 75 Russian Dancers
  • 1/4 mile


If time: Still in group of 3, I go- You go abs:  Each person picks 3-5 exercises.  Go around the 3-person circle where everyone has to complete 25 reps of the person’s choice of abs. No repeats!Stretch and Cool Down really well!

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